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Garret Hansen

Guitar / Vocals

Garret Hansen is the sole charter member of The Rude Band, which could kind of be like being Tom Hanks in "Castaway", but is more like being Eugene Levy in the "American Pie" series. Garret’s versatile guitar work along with his stellar vocals, which are constantly compared to "Steve Perry" from Journey, have long been a highlight of The Rude Band shows. More recently, Garret’s two teenage sons, Noah and Micah, provide frequent highlights, as indicated by the delighted screams of teenage and adult ladies alike, when they make appearances to sing along with their dad on The Rude Band stage. There’s no doubt that he’s grooming them for a future role in the band. His dance moves, that were apparently modeled after the Gopher from "Caddyshack" are worth a glance as well. His ADD is probably the reason behind the set list roaming from Garth Brooks to Maroon 5 to AC/DC and back during a Rude Band show. He’s also been known to pilfer a drink from an audience member not paying close enough attention!

Garret has been on stage dating back to 1981. A Brookings, South Dakota native, he attended Gustavus Adolphus in St. Peter, Minnesota for music performance before returning to South Dakota and graduating from Augustana with a BA in Management Information Systems. Don’t feel bad…only Garret understands what that means.

When he’s not entertaining people in The Rude Band, Garret has been a full time, IT consultant since 1997…but the crowd isn’t as loud or attractive at that gig. Come see The Rude Band and hear Garret shred through a solo on his guitar and dig his ridiculous vocal range…just don’t try it at home!

Previous Bands

  • Art vs. Money: 1989-1991
  • Forced Entry: 1988-1989
  • Tarot: 1986-1987
  • Rysk: 1984-1986

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Royce Kuenzli

Keyboards / Vocals

Royce Kuenzli is the best dancer in The Rude Band. That’s like being named leader of the lemmings, but it’s also true. Royce’s rugged looks and soulful vocals quickly endeared him to Rude Band fans. When he’s not busy singing and dancing, and sometimes in spite of doing both, Royce also mans the keyboards for the band. Royce joined The Rude Band in 2015.

Originally from South Haven, Michigan, Royce grew up singing and playing drums in Miracle Harvest Church, where his father, Tony, is the pastor. He attended Lake Michigan College, where he studied Physical Education and Wellness. Royce also spent some time in the reggae band, Item 9, from Kalamazoo, Michigan and doing solo shows. He currently resides in Yankton, South Dakota.

Being the newest member of The Rude Band has its perks and downfalls. Royce, being the newest member of the band, may be the least likely to be recognized on the promotional material, but is easily the most likely to be remembered after the show.

Royce brings a fresh face and serious soul to The Rude Band show.

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Tyson Conn

Drums / Vocals

Tyson Conn is a rapper. Regardless of what his business card says, he’s a rapper. Sure, he’s the timekeeper for the musical mayhem that is The Rude Band. Yes, he makes facial contortions that have him on the short list as a Jim Carrey stunt double. It is also well documented he has studied with Bobby Gripp and Chuck Case, two very respected drum teachers, which makes him a very well-rounded musician. But it is Tyson’s skills on the mic that make him a favorite at Rude Band shows.

Tyson spent time polishing his mic talents on Augustana College radio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he did everything from get coffee for himself to run the entire station…and he also graduated from Augustana College with a communications degree. Tyson has been a Rude Band member since 2006, impacting the set list with his gifted sticking techniques and rhyming capabilities. He also plays in the jazz group Sock Puppet Menagerie when he has time.

When not blowing people’s minds on the mic and behind the kit, Tyson enjoys crushing the hopes and dreams of young drumming students at Case School of Music while consuming mass quantities of Taco Bell. Regardless of all this impressiveness…he’s a rapper.

Previous Bands

  • None (Really!)

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Trace Mahoney

Bass / Vocals

Trace Mahoney keeps fans of The Rude Band on their toes with his bass prowess, guitar gifts and vocal power. He’s also rather quick witted and is constantly peppering the crowd and crew with quotes from movies fans have to watch on Netflix the next day to know what he’s talking about. Trace adds a comic light and songbook heavy to The Rude Band catalog.

Trace hails from Yankton, South Dakota, and was a fan of The Rude Band for years prior to joining their onstage capers. Fans may have first caught a glimpse of him in the Go Figure Band. He has an AAS in drafting from NTCC in Norfolk, Nebraska and a BA in Computer Science from USD… smart guy.

When he’s not thumping the groove for The Rude Band, Trace is currently involved TraceCASE Custom Road Cases. But you don’t come to the show for the case, you come to the show for the Trace!

Previous Bands

  • Go Figure Band: 2000-2009
  • The Jokers: 1991-2000
  • Ground Zero: 1989-1991
  • River City Music Company: 1986-1989
  • Touch: 1985-1986
  • Flight: 1984-1985

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