Band Members

Warren Fiihr

Bass - September 1991- August 1995

Warren was a founding member of "Maxx Boogie & The Rude Awakening".

Warren and his wife, Paula, live in Sacramento, CA with their two daughters. Warren is the general Manager for Comcast Spotlight in Sacramento & Fresno.

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Scott "Scooter" Davis

Bass - January 1998 - December 1998 / May 1999 - December 2001

Scooter left the Rude Band to concentrate on his solo music career.  He released his album, "Acceleration", in December 2002.

Scooter currently lives with his wife, Angie, in Seminole, FL and has a growing guitar repair business, Granville Guitars

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Ben Dee

Bass - January 2002 - August 2009

Ben lives in Mitchell, SD and is a Regional Manager for Conseco Insurance.

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Matt Mettler

Bass - January 1999 - May 1999

Matt lives in the Minneapolis, MN area with his wife, Jill, and their children, Hunter, Hannah & Mia. Matt is a personal trainer and a very impressive specimen of humanity.

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Corey Ulrickson

Drummer - January 1995 - November 1995

Corey has played for a number of bands since leaving the Rude Band. Band's such as Danny Tyler Band, Eclipse & Velvet Touch. He is currently working as a sales rep for TRANE Building Solutions in Sioux Falls. Corey lives with his wife, Paula, in rural Harrisburg, SD. They have a son & a daughter, Sam & Brooklyn.

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Royce Kuenzli

Keyboards / Vocals - January 2015 to September 2020

Originally from South Haven, Michigan, Royce grew up singing and playing drums in Miracle Harvest Church, where his father, Tony, is the pastor. He attended Lake Michigan College, where he studied Physical Education and Wellness. Royce also spent some time in the reggae band, Item 9, from Kalamazoo, Michigan and doing solo shows. Royce currently resides in Yankton, South Dakota with his fiance, Emily and their two children Carter & Ava.


Previous Bands

  • The Item 9 Band - 2008 - 2010

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Kevin Flynn

Front Man / Founder - September 1991- August 1992

Kevin was the founding member of "Maxx Boogie & The Rude Awakening".

Kevin is a sales associate with Coldwell Banker at The Lakes in Detroit Lakes, MN. Kevin and his wife, Kelly, live on Wymer Lake near Frazee, MN. They have one son, George.

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Raine Jerke

Bass - August 1995 - December 1997

Raine left The Rude Band to take a shot at working with his father, Rod Jerke in the band "Hot Rod Chevy Kevy". Since then, the band changed directions and is now a very funky top 40 flavored band called "Powerplay". 

Raine left the music business recently and entered the real estate business! He works for Keller Williams Real Estate in Sioux Falls, SD.

Raine lives in Sioux Falls, SD with his wife, Kerry, and their children, Jason and Jasmine.

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Mike Jensen

Keyboards - September 1991- June 1992

Mike was a founding member of "Maxx Boogie & The Rude Awakening".

Mike currently lives in Mankato, MN.

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Chuck Case

Drums - January 1999 - September 2000

Chuck lives Tea, SD. He and his wife Jennifer own the Case School of Music. Chuck also plays with Sgt. Rock, the South Dakota Army National Guard Rock Band and The DNR Band from Sioux Falls.

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Vance Tuffs

Drums - September 2000 - September 2006

Vance lives in Mitchell, SD with his wife, Mindy. He played for Powerplay for a year after leaving the Rude Band. You can catch him occasionally playing drums for Dustin Evans and playing bass for Joe KickAzz.

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Rachel Lord


Born in Texas and raised in the small town of Baltic, SD, Rachel Lord has been a student, a marching band percussionist, a cheerleader, a marine, a mom, a student, a home remodeler, a student, a model, an accountant, a volleyball player, a volleyball coach, an avid runner, a lover of filthy songs, a guitar player and a really Kick-Ass Singer!

Rachel has bachelors degrees from University of Sioux Falls, in Criminal Justice and Accounting and a Masters Degree in Business and Finance from University of Sioux Falls.

If you think she looks familiar, perhaps you have seen her before; 

Rachel started showing off her musical talent onstage around 2005. In addition to being in four bands over the years, she has appeared with many others including Powerplay and the Ron Keel Band

Rachel played with The Rude Band in 2021-2022 as a Guitar Player and Vocalist and has brought new and younger life to the band. 

You can currently see her performing in the SD Variety Rock Band, 4-Sure.

Previous Bands

  • Ledfoot: 2016-2021
  • Phase Three: 2006-2007
  • By The Way: 2005

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Brent Witthoeft

Drums - November 1995 - November 1996

Brent is living in Sioux City, IA.

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Kevin Johnson

Drums - September 1991- December 1994

Kevin was a founding member of "Maxx Boogie & The Rude Awakening".

Kevin is President of "Commercial Audio & Video, LLC" in Sioux Falls, SD. Kevin spent a number of years playing drums and singing with "The Neo Johnsons". Kevin and his wife, Kim, can still be seen hanging out at local Rude Band & Neo Johnsons shows.

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Greg Kleinsasser

Keyboards / Guitar / Vocals - June 1992 to December 2014

The world's one and only “Rock n Roll Hutterite” also happens to be the bands multi-instrumentalist: Keys, guitar, harmonica, shakers, duct tape and occasionally a siren whistle... Not only that, but he sings in the key of awesome (or baritone if you prefer) and if you buy him a few drinks, he just might tell you one of the greatest stories you've ever heard.

Greg was in The Rude Band from 1992 through 2014.  Greg has also had an illustrious history in the South Dakota arts scene with many leading and supporting roles in the annual musical theatre productions for Schmeckfest, the annual "Festival of Tasting" in Freeman, SD.

Previous Bands

  • Art vs. Money: 1989-1991


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David Holman

Drums - November 1996- January 1999

Dave moved to Branson, Missouri to be closer to the country music scene. He has played with a number of bands since moving down south and currently works in IT support in Springfield, Missouri.

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