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9/13/2016 - The word iconic gets thrown around these days with the ridiculous frequency of a texting teenager. That being said, it’s fair to use it to define The Rude Band. Maybe you think it’s a bit overdone, because, after all they’re just a cover band from… Read More »

Elgin 125th Celebration! 06/21/2014

6/22/2014 - Well, Elgin, NE turned 125 this weekend! Food was great, rides were impressive, crowd was huge and the weather treated us right! Next time we'll try to sync up our light show to The Zipper! Maybe even convince Hooter to sing a song or two whilst… Read More »

Broadwater Bar 06/20/2014

6/21/2014 - Thanks to The Broadwater Bar for inviting us out to play for their grand opening! Special thanks to the gentleman who sold us his bug zapper! It made a nice addition to the light show and technically could've served as the light show itself! It was… Read More »

Westward-Ho & Volga Street Dance 06/13-14/2014

6/15/2014 - Had a great time this weekend sticking close to home! Golfers spent all day Friday out at Westward Ho only to have to put up with our shenanigans for a few more hours! And Volga, we swear, one year, for your street dance the weather will allow us… Read More »